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Couples‘ Cupid (Washington) Sex & Swingers Club

Website: https://couplescupid.org/

Couples‘   Cupid

Located in the heart of Washington, DC, Couples’ Cupid is a well-established swingers club catering to the open-minded adult lifestyle community in Central America/USA/DC/Washington-DC. This discreet venue offers a range of key features and amenities for those looking to explore the swingers scene in a classy setting.

Couples’ Cupid boasts a sophisticated ambiance with private play areas, a fully stocked bar, and sensual mood lighting, creating an inviting space for like-minded individuals to connect and indulge in the swingers lifestyle. The venue prides itself on hosting exclusive swingers events and parties that cater to a diverse crowd, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.

The typical crowd at Couples’ Cupid exudes a mix of sophistication and eroticism, with guests ranging from seasoned swingers to curious newcomers. The vibe is described as classy yet adventurous, encouraging exploration and social interaction among attendees.

Events and activities at Couples’ Cupid range from intimate meet-and-greet nights to larger themed parties, offering a variety of experiences for guests to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to socialize, dance, or engage in more intimate encounters, this venue provides ample opportunities to connect with others in the swingers community.

Pros of Couples’ Cupid include its central location, upscale ambiance, and diverse range of events, while some may find the scene overly exclusive or the entry fees relatively high compared to other venues in the area.

If you’re seeking a sophisticated swingers club in Washington, DC, Couples’ Cupid invites you to join their vibrant community of open-minded individuals. Experience the thrill of adult lifestyle events and parties in a classy setting – come explore the possibilities at Couples’ Cupid today.

Hello and thank you for visiting our group site! We are a local Washington group of couples that simply got fed up with failed attempts to meet others that are fun, cool and open-minded! Have YOU become frustrated by scrolling through Craigslist and random ads, only to find fakes, pic collectors, and scams? We decided to eliminate all that and make it easy to meet REAL like-minded couples!
This group was formed so we could host fun, cool and exciting Meet and Greet events for like-minded couples, swingers and select single females! Whether you actively participate in the swing lifestyle or you and your partner are just curious, you can enjoy fun events while meeting real couples just like you! Our Swingers Meet and Greet events are for couples all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond who want to party, flirt and connect!
Here are some examples of the fun events and parties our current members have already enjoyed:
  • Limo, dinner, hotel nights on the town
  • Bowling nights where couples swap lanes each game.
  • Seattle Thunderbird Hockey nights with limo / party bus
  • Overnight trips to Club Sesso (Closed) in Portland to include limo or party bus and hotel
  • Lake Union and Washington Boat cruises
DON’T MISS OUT ON AN EVENT! Create a profile and or Join the list and you’ll receive email announcements about all the events the group is planning! Additionally, this will be your group and we invite you to send us information as to events you would like the group to host, and together we will make it happen!
We are excited to finally have our own Club / Venue which consists of 14,000 sq. feet of space designed perfectly for both socializing and on premise play.  On the social side is a club style dance floor with a DJ as well as a full BYOB bar with mixers and bartenders provided.
The other side consists of 3 stories of private and group play areas with lots of additional more cozy social areas.  Showers and Hot tubs along with a ton of other cool features available for your pleasure and enjoyment.
Remember, your information always remains confidential and private!! Look around, check out the events, ask any question you have and be sure to sign up!!!


  • Couples’ Cupid is an adult lifestyle (swinger) club in Seattle where on-premise play is allowed.
  • Single ladies are highly respected in the Couples’ Cupid community. Stalking or harrassment of single ladies is never permitted and, if excessive, can result in temporary or permanent suspension of a couple’s membership.
  • Couples’ Cupid does not release a guest’s private information to other guests; nor does Couples’ Cupid sell guest information. To contact a Couples’ Cupid guest, you will need to ask the guest directly at a Couples’ Cupid event.
  • Couples should arrive and depart the event together.
  • No means no, so if someone tells you no, we ask you to respect this decision.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, please ask for the consent of others before touching.
  • Please respect the Couples’ Cupid venue at all times by keeping it clean and picking up after yourself. If you have an accident, please clean it up, and/or notify staff to help you.
  • All guests should respect the dignity of others. No rude conduct toward guests or staff will be permitted.
  • If you enter a play area, and are not playing, we kindly ask that you whisper or do not talk at all.
  • Please do not invade the personal space of others while they are playing. If there is a doubt, please ask them if they would like your company.
  • Please keep your voice down outside and respect the neighborhood.
  • Couples’ Cupid has a no-tolerance policy for drugs or prostitution.
  • No cameras, cell phone cameras or recording devices are permitted for use.
  • Overly intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the party area or will be denied entrance.

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  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe sexual life. It’s a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even sex/swingers clubs can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most swingers clubs and local sex groups have their pages at the place we talk about.

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